« Aquanha » conferences…

For Pascal Bétrémieux, knowledge and awareness are essential to enable a better understanding of our environment in its broader view, of nature with dolphins as a key inspiration to live a more stable and balanced life.
To that end, he has set up a cycle of conferences named « Aquanha ».

Water represents a key element to our chain of life, down to the core of our DNA.
Hearing – through sounds and waves – is a communication tool that is jeopardize for humans and animals on earth and in the oceans. The speed of sound travels 4,5 times faster in the water. Noise pollution is an aggravating fact of our disconnection with our environment.
It is vital to preserve these elements and integrate them in our behaviour and ecological consciousness.

All the advanced and researches in the scientific, neuroscientific or medidative practice domains strengthen the belief of a collective intelligence.

That is the purpose of these conferences, by the concept of sharing to allow a better knowledge of our environment to live in harmony and connected. To propose a different angle of vision through the prism of what the dolphins, their interactions, their physical and physiological skills can revel. To pursue innovative researches with eminent specialist in a great variety of fields, towards an understanding of this unity to live.

An eco-evolution inspired by dolphins and humans encounters.